TDS-Exposure people

TDS-Exposure coordination

Jean-Luc Volatier

Project coordinator, ANSES, France

Jean-Luc Volatier is a senior statistician, head of the Scientific support department for risk assessment at Anses. He is working in the field of dietary exposure and quantitative risk assessment since 1993. He is author or co-author of more than 50 international peer-reviewed papers in this field. He is chairman of the Food Consumption and Exposure working group at EFSA 2008-2010 and member of EFSA Expert Group on Food Consumption. He was expert member of the EU SCF WG on food additives in 2002-2004. He is member of the editorial board of the peer-reviewed journal “Environnement, Risques et Santé”.

Karine Vin

Project manager, ANSES, France

Karine Vin is an engineer in food science and has worked in the Quantitative risk assessment team of Anses since 2008. She is responsible for the coordination of the workpackage 3 “Food additives” in the FACET project (European project of FP7) and also participates in other WP on food consumption, occurrence and additives concentration.

Paul Finglas

Project co-coordinator, IFR, United Kingdom

Paul Finglas is Head of the Food Database Exploitation Platform, Research Leader in Plant Natural Products for Health. He is current Coordinator for both EuroFIR NoE and Eurofoods (INFOODS network). He is an experienced food and nutritional scientist with over 150 publications in food composition and nutrition research specialising on vitamin nutrition and health. He has considerable experience in co-ordinating national and international projects. He co-authored McCance & Widdowson‟s „The Composition of Foods‟ (6th Summary Edition; 2002) and is currently project leader for the UK food composition team (funded jointly by FSA and BBSRC). He has participated in six EU funded projects since 1989, co-ordinating three projects in FP4-6. He was a member of COST 99, co-chairing the working group on Data Quality and is currently the UK representative on CEN/275/WG9 committee on vitamins. He has provided expert advice to a number of bodies including the Food Standards Agency (FSA), British Council, FAO and EU. He is also Editor of the journals Food Chemistry and Trends in Food Science and Technology.