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Dissemination and Stakeholder – User communication


The overall objectives of WP11 is to ensure adequate and wide scale dissemination of the project developments to project beneficiaries and beyond the project boundaries:

  • To communicate to key stakeholders the aims, methodology and expected results of the project
  • To disseminate project results to stakeholders, the scientific community and the general public

WP 11 is led by MATIS with support from ILSI, IFR, Anses and EuroFIR, and interact closely with all WPs. All WPs will contribute to, prepare, and deliver material for the dissemination activities in WP11. EuroFIR and ILSI Europe will make the information available within the project and towards the public through a website, articles in magazines targeted to the different stakeholders, workshops, and other dissemination activities including a concluding stakeholder Workshop.

Workpackage leader: MATIS OHF, Iceland