• Supervise the administrative and financial terms of the project
  • Assure the links with the EU Commission and timely delivery of all cost statements
  • Manage the relation among beneficiaries, solve possible controversies, take appropriate actions in case of withdrawal or inadequacy of individual beneficiaries, in order to guarantee smooth implementation of the project
  • Address questions related to intellectual property rights, (IPRs), both within the consortium and in relation to third parties
  • Organise the technical development of the project and guarantee the adherence with the project plan in terms of results and timing, manage technical variations of the original work plan, within the general goals of the project- undertake quality assessment of progress and results
  • Assure preparation and timely delivery to the EC of all deliverables and technical periodic reports

Workpackage 1 is led by the Coordinator and each beneficiary participates in attending periodic meetings and whenever needed participating to sub-committees. Workpackage 1 ensures an effective implementation and satisfying progress of the various project activities through a close and continuous coordination and monitoring of activities. Another important remit of Workpackage 1 is to ensure good communication inside the project among beneficiaries, and outside the project with the EC for any kind of administrative, legal, financial or technical matter. To that end the Workpackage 1 organises the periodic project meetings such as the steering committee meetings and general assembly. Workpackage 1 also deals with any legal issues within the consortium especially regarding IPR management. Finally Workpackage 1 is responsible for collating beneficiaries financial and workpackage scientific reports, preparing periodic reports as well as the final report ensuring timely submission to the EC.

Workpackage leader: ANSES, France