Exposure assessment


  • To create a risk management tool based on TDS exposure assessment and risk mitigation measures
  • To improve exposure assessment methodology regarding TDS
  • To harmonise exposure assessment approach regarding TDS over Europe

WP8 is responsible for looking into the methodology of exposure assessment in a harmonised way. The results of exposure assessment will be included in a risk-prioritisation tool which also will include risk mitigation measures. Partners with well defined experience in the design of TDS will discuss the methodology and the best practice in relation to the research aims of TDS performed in the past. The practice of exposure assessment and the set up of TDS varies because of historical reasons and differences in research aims and risk management priorities. The current TDS approach is not harmonised, but will be harmonised based on work to be done in WP8. A harmonised approach still might allow for differentiations, but based on scientific reasoning. The beneficiaries in WP8 will collect and review historical TDS data and also will reflect on sources of variation and food grouping. Work will be done in close cooperation with WP6 and WP7. Based on improved statistical modelling, and the availability of the internet compatible exposure model platform MCRA, exposure estimates will be performed by all beneficiaries having performed TDS studies. The current methodology with the proposed new optimal methodology will be validated by comparing calculated results using TDS and biomarkers of exposure.

Workpackage leader: National Institute for Public Health and The Environmenten, The Netherlands