TDS guidelines

You will find in this section guidance from FAO, WHO and EFSA, but also links to international organisations website, dealing with TDS.


  • ILSI Europe Food Intake Methodology Task Force has launched a practical online guide for intake and exposure assessments called GUIDEA (Guidance for Dietary Intake Exposure Assessment, The goal is to encourage harmonisation leading to better health recommendations. Howlett et al. (2013) Food and Nutrition Sciences (dio: 10.4236/fns.2013.43042) describes the history of GUIDEA and its main principles, and offers insight on future developments.

  • GEMS Food brochure on Total Diet Study (PDF – 3.97MB): Total diet studies (TDS) are the primary sources of information on the levels of various chemical contaminants and nutrients in the diet. They can provide general assurance that the food supply is safe from certain chemical hazards and to develop priorities for possible risk management intervention. In addition, TDS results can be an indicator of environmental contamination by chemicals. TDS can also be used to assess the effectiveness of measures to reduce exposure of the population to chemical hazards. This brochure has been prepared by WHO to promote awareness of risk managers to the benefits of TDS.

  • Joined guidances of EFSA, FAO and WHO: toward a harmonised Total Diet Study approach (PDF – 596KB)

  • Technical report of EFSA, FAO and WHO: state of the art on Total Diet Studies (PDF – 304KB)


Links to international organisations

Reports of existing TDS