Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) comprises of all WP-Leaders and is responsible for S&T management as well as decision-making and conflict-resolution procedures for the project. The SC will review project progress, set scientific priorities for project strategies and evaluate the generated foreground and associated potential IP issues and conflicts. It will provide a balanced management of the S&T implementation. The SC will be chaired by the Coordinator. The main tasks and responsibilities of the SC can be summarised as follows:

  • To set scientific priorities within the existing objectives and budget framework as set out in the DoW
  • To make recommendations related to the maintenance and implementation of the Consortium
  • To monitor and evaluate progress based results obtained and deliverables completed
  • To define the proper tools and “infrastructure” for assessing links between the different research teams within the Consortium
  • To perform detailed planning and co-ordination of the work, taking the responsibility for the completion and quality assurance of each project output (deliverable, report or
  • dissemination output), necessary
  • To propose corrective action, in case of problems or delays that might arise during the course of the project that might affect the deliverables and project outputs

SC members

WP numberNameInstitution
1Karine VinANSES, France
2Dr Véronique SirotANSES, France
3Dr Aida TurriniINRAN, Italy
4Dr Laurence CastleFERA, UK
5Paul Finglas/Luisa OliveiraIFR, UK / INSA, Portugal
6Dr Karl Presser/Dr Siân AstleyETHZ, CH / EuroFIR AISBL, Belgium
7Oliver LindtnerBfR, Germany
8Jacob van KlaverenRIVM, The Netherlands
9Jiri Ruprich NIPH-SZU, Czech Republic
10Dr Siân AstleyEuroFIR AISBL, Belgium
11Helga GunnlaugsdottirMATIS, Iceland