Stakeholders’ Meeting 2014

TDS-Exposure hosted its first stakeholder meeting “Better data – better decisions” in Brussels (BE) on 5th February 2014

Objectives of this meeting were:

  • To provide update on the state-of-the-art in total diet studies
  • Share information about what is happening in Europe with respect to total diet studies
  • Develop an appreciation of the importance of better data for better decision making
  • Understand why participants are/ are not in favour of total diet studies
  • Explore what information participants are seeking from TDS
  • Obtain feedback about TDS-Exposure activities and results
  • Determine what steps can be taken to ensure applicability of TDS-Exposure outputs
  • Ensure dissemination channels are optimised

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Report on Stakeholder Meeting – click here (PDF – 996 KB)
The report does not include Annex 1 (Presentations) as these can be found below


chaired by Franz Ulberth (JRC, BE), co-chair Liisa Valsta (EFSA, IT)

Session 1: Total Diet Studies – Introduction and background
Chair: Benjamin Smith (Fermenich, CH)

09:30 Welcome, introduction & workshop objectives (PDF 641 KB) Jean-Luc Volatier (ANSES, FR)

09:45 Exposure assessment and Total Diet Studies (PDF 733 KB) Philippe Verger (WHO, CH)

10:00 Substances of interest and populations (PDF 1.3 MB) Karin Vin (ANSES, FR)

10:30 Session 1: Discussion All participants


Session 2: TDS design and quality
Chair: Jacob van Klaveren (RIVM, NL)

11:00 Food sampling (PDF 1MB) Aida Turrini (CRA, IT)

11:30 Analytical methods (PDF 921 KB) Laurence Castle (FERA, UK)

12:00 Quality standards (PDF 1.8 MB) Paul Finglas (IFR, UK)

12:30 Session 2: Discussion All participants


Session 3: Methodology, tools and implementation
Chair: Matthias Greiner (BfR, DE)

14:00 Database management (PDF 1.4 MB) Karl Presser (ETHZ, CH)

14:30 Variation and trends (PDF 968 KB) Oliver Lindtner (BfR, DE)

15:00 Methodology and software (PDF 1.7 MB) Jacob van Klaveren (RIVM, NL)

15:45 Implementation: Pilot studies (PDF 1.6 MB) Jiri Ruprich (SZU, CZ)

16:15 Session 3: Discussion All participants


Session 4: Dissemination and next steps
Chair: Jean-Luc Volatier (ANSES, FR)

16:45 Training and spreading of excellence (PDF 1MB) Siân Astley (EuroFIR AISBL, BE)

17:00 Workshop conclusions and closure Franz Ulberth (JRC, BE)