Stakeholders’ Meeting 2015

A second and final stakeholder consultation was held in Brussels (BE) on 8th October 2015, during the fourth year of the project. The main objective of this final stakeholders’ workshop was to disseminate project results to stakeholders and facilitate sustainability of the project outcomes.

In particular, this workshop addressed the following topics:

  • Choice of substances of interest and population of consumers
  • Methodologies for food product collection
  • Food preparation, composite formation, and chemical analysis
  • Quality framework and European TDS centres
  • Tools supporting data collection and exposure assessment
  • Variation and trends in TDS data
  • Proof-of-Principle TDS in selected countries

Chair of the workshop was Prof. Franz Ulberth (Head of the Standards for Food Bioscience Unit, Joint Research Centre’s Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements – JRC IRMM, BE). The co-chair was Dr Robert Dabeka (Research Scientist at Health Canada).

In total, 75 participants attended this workshop, 47 stakeholders and 28 representatives from the beneficiaries. Stakeholder groups included food authorities (63 %), academia (17 %), NGOs (13 %) and food companies (7 %), with representation from European Member States (24) as well as the USA, Canada and Colombia.

Programme and Presentations

Session 1: Total Diet Studies – Methodology

Welcome, Introduction & Workshop Objectives

Jean-Luc Volatier (ANSES, FR)

Choosing Substances of Interest and Populations of Importance

Véronique Sirot (ANSES, FR)

Food Sampling: Food Products Collection

Aida Turrini (CRA E, IT)

Food Preparation, Composite Formation and Chemical Analysis

Laurence Castle (formerly of FERA, UK)

Data Management Tool – FoodCASE

Karl Presser (ETHZ, CH)

Session 2: TDS Exposure Evaluation and Quality Assurance

Quality Framework and European TDS Centres

Paul Finglas (IFR, UK) and Luísa Olivier (INSA, PT)

Variation and Trends: Understanding Data for Better Assessment

Oliver Lindtner (BfR, DE)

TDS Exposure Assessment Tool – MCRA

Jacob van Klaveren (RIVM , NL)

Towards Harmonised TDS in Europe: Pilot Studies

Jirí Ruprich (SZÚ , CZ)